Monday, 26 July 2010

Boat 17 found!

So boat #17 was discovered by the crew of the Dredger Norma, on the 7th of July, as they went about their work at the mouth of the River Cart, between Renfrew and Erskine.

"Good Afternoon,

Today (Friday) whilst we were dredging off the entrance to the River Cart, we recovered boat No 17 gracefully making her way back to her home port of Govan we presume? The actual time was 11.30am, so we believe that she probably had quite an adventure sailing up and down the Clyde, as the wind and tide would allow. She was brought onboard without any fuss, and sits majestically on our deck, looking very pleased with herself after more than 8 weeks at "sea".

We look forward to hearing if any of the other vessels, remained "underway" for so long.

Yours in anticipation,
Dave, Kev, and Den, Crew of the Dredger Norma."

Thats an impressive amount of time to be at 'sea'! And yes, this is the longest so far -- although every time we think "surely this must be the last" another boat or bottle crops up! We'll have to wait and see.  Thanks to everyone on the Dredger Norma for taking the moment to both take her aboard and sharing the news with us – Cheers!

See were this boat, and all the boats and bottles that have been found our google map.

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